Friday, April 26, 2013

Breaking up with my Psychologist

I was transferred to a new psychologist not too long ago. I didn't feel too positive about it, and I was right not too. She was alright, I could tell she was trying, but she didn't understand me. And worse, she would finish my sentences wrong, changing what I was trying to say. After a long last session(seriously, I sat there silent for maybe 20 minutes), we had a meeting to discuss what to do next. I had decided I was not going back to her, and when they suggested we keep going, I just left the building. I feel bad for how it ended, but enough is enough. Now I just don't want to talk anymore.

As for school, we're having the year annulled(again) so I won't lose my school rights. I applied again as they told me, "just in case". I think my parents thought that meant I have decided to go back, which I haven't even thought possible. I just don't want to disappoint them for now. They need some hope.

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